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Welcome to Precious Knots!

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Hello and welcome to our nautical corner of the internet! We are Liz and Marcel, the founders and owners of Precious Knots.

If we had to describe our jewelry in just a few words, it would be: nautical knots cast in precious metals. While that phrase is a fun tagline and quickly explains our name, Precious Knots is so much more. In our jewelry, we strive to capture the complexity and beauty of something that appears so simple: a knot. When seemingly endless possibilities exist for new jewelry shapes and styles, it feels almost sacred to craft pieces that replicate timeless, authentic knots. We want Precious Knots jewelry to invoke a sense of wonder at the strength and symbolism embodied by something as practical and unaffected as a tangle of rope.

Why nautical knot jewelry?

When you think of Philadelphia, nautical life might not be the first thing that pops into your mind. Yet here we are, a pair of landlubbers designing sailing-inspired jewelry.

Sailing in blue jay

I (Liz) come from a sailing family and spent my childhood summers learning to sail on dinghies. Although I won our annual Chowder Bowl regatta (and have my name on the chowder-themed trophy to prove it), I also managed to capsize and turtle a training dinghy called a Blue Jay, which I'm told requires an exceptional combination of errors. Despite not being a particularly gifted sailor, many of my best memories are out on the water. 

In my first summer of sailing, I was especially proud to learn how to tie my first knot: the cleat hitch. Picture a clumsy 10-year-old stealing shoelaces and cats cradle string to tie knots on anything that resembled a cleat. I quickly declared the cleat as my favorite knot, and as I grew up, it remained a special symbol of the fun I had and the confidence I gained while learning to sail. I always kept an eye out for cleat knot jewelry, yet as knot rings became more popular, I could never find one that captured my special knot.

Meanwhile, Marcel started learning to set diamonds at the ripe age of fifteen. His father is a prolific jeweler and diamond setter, and Marcel grew up learning the family business on Philly's famous Jeweler's Row. When I met Marcel in 2018, I told him about my search for a ring version of my favorite knot. A few months later, he surprised me with a beautiful rose gold ring that he designed to perfectly capture the cleat knot.

As I wore my ring, Marcel and I realized that it's unique symbolism and style resonate with other people. We began toying with some new designs and rope textures, and when the final Cleat Ring was finished, Precious Knots was born.

What's Next?

The world is our oyster! The Cleat Collection is our first set of nautical knot jewelry, but it won't be our last. As we learn about more knots and nautical symbols, we find more possibilities for timeless nautical jewelry. Check back here or join our e-mail list to stay in the loop (no pun intended!) on our latest ideas and products.

We also have big dreams for making Precious Knots more than a business. We want to give back to our local roots, to the larger nautical community, and to the beautiful oceans that make nautical life possible. Right now, we're exploring partnerships with non-profit organizations where we will allocate a percentage of our profits to regenerative marine agriculture, sustainable sailing, and ocean conservation. These causes are near and dear to our hearts, but we also want to learn about your passions. We'll reach out to our community to ask what causes are most important to you.

After all, you're the reason that Precious Knots exists! Your support, inspiration, and feedback, and of course your shared love for all things nautical and knotty, make Precious Knots what it is.

Thank you for joining us on this nautical journey,

Liz & Marcel