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About Us

Welcome! We are Precious Knots

Our fine jewelry strives to capture the complexity and beauty of something that appears so simple: a knot. When seemingly endless possibilities exist for new jewelry shapes and styles, it feels almost sacred to craft pieces that replicate timeless, authentic knots. We want Precious Knots jewelry to invoke a sense of wonder at the strength and symbolism embodied by a small tangle of rope. Whether you cherish days on the water or just love a beautiful knot, Precious Knots will feed your nautical nostalgia.

Precious Knots blends two worlds: jewelry and sailing. 

We are Marcel and Liz, the founders of Precious Knots.
Liz comes from a sailing family and spent her childhood summers on sailboats. She has especially fond memories of learning to tie her first knot - the cleat hitch - and always searched for jewelry to capture that symbol. Marcel is a master diamond setter with 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry and an entrepreneurial spirit. When Marcel learned that Liz couldn’t find any rings featuring her favorite knot, he designed the ring for her, and Precious Knots was born.

Precious Knots is a small business with big dreams.

Our jewelry is designed and crafted locally on Jeweler's Row in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As we grow, we are committed to supporting our local economy, minimizing our environmental footprint, and giving back. We are exploring partnerships with non-profit organizations to allocation a percentage of our profits to regenerative marine agriculture, sustainable sailing, and ocean conservation. Please join our mailing list to share your favorite organizations and get updates on our non-profit partnerships.